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KidSitter™ 2-in-1 Design Plastic High Chair

Also Available With Casters

The KidSitter™ is a convertible high chair designed for restaurant franchises that require safe, compact, and affordable child and infant seating options. This innovative alternative to the standard restaurant high chair combines a toddler high chair with an infant carrier sling, in one lightweight and easy to convert model.

The KidSitter™ can be converted from a toddler seat to an infant carrier with one simple motion. Its lightweight plastic design can be easily cleaned and stored, and its appearance can be customized with one of six finishes designed to match nearly any restaurant décor. The end result is a safe and easy to use chair that prevents accidents, and the lawsuits that may result.

Safety Advantages
• Infant carrier stand removes the need for balancing infant carriers on overturned high chairs
• Bottom-heavy construction prevents accidents and tip-overs in both infant carrier and toddler seat setups
• Infant carrier stand provides sanitary alternative to placing carrier on the floor
• Sturdy, replicable seat belt secures infant carrier seat or toddler for maximum safety
• Infant carrier stand eliminates need to balance infant carrier on a chair or on the table

Operational Advantages
• KidSitter is available with or without casters
• 22.5” x 22” footprint and stackable design minimizes storage space
• Easy conversion from toddler seat to infant carrier seat, and back

The KidSitter™ is part of our KidSafe System, which combines two 850 plastic high chairs and one KidSitter™ to provide savings discount of 15% over our competitors’ alternative. It is a perfect cost-saving solution for restaurants that cater to families. Learn more about the KidSafe™ System.
Catalog Reference:
Chair Catalog Number 866, 877, 888
Replacement Seatbelts Catalog Number 8814
Replacement Seatbelt Clip Catalog Number 8814CLIPS
Dimensions 27” H x 22.5” W x 22” D

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Seat Finish Options

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Dark Gray
  • Black
  • Dark Brown

Frame Color Options

  • Beige
  • Light Gray
  • Dark Brown
  • With Casters